About Us

Our Purpose

The principal purpose of Apace is to preserve, protect and enhance the biodiversity of the native plants of Western Australia. This purpose is achieved by:

  • Growing plants of the Swan Coastal Plain and Darling Range in an environmentally sustainable manner and generating knowledge about propagation techniques
  • Maintaining a seedbank available for community use
  • Educating the community about soil types, native plants and seed collection and encouraging use of local plants in residential gardens and public spaces
  • Undertaking revegetation work and weed control to preserve the natural environment

Apace embraces diversity and inclusion by creating a safe venue where people can make positive contributions to their environment, according to their abilities and interests.

We provide a range of activities for community benefit, including the operation of a Community Garden and volunteer roles in the nursery team. These activities promote environmental sustainability while supporting community wellbeing, including people disadvantaged through disability, poverty, sickness and unemployment.

Our Services

  • Retail and Wholesale Nursery
  • Seed Bank
  • Seed Collection and Processing
  • Propagation of local provenance seed
  • Revegetation Projects
  • Weed Control
  • Conservation and Revegetation projects
  • Volunteer engagement for people with disabilities and general community
  • School environmental awareness and engagement
  • Local government plant subsidy schemes
  • Organic Community Gardens