Weed Control

Weed Control Services

We operate a team of trained weed controllers who possess Western Australian Pesticide Operators Licenses. We are able to offer weed control services as part of our contractual revegetation projects or on an as required basis to land care managers and private land owners. Our simple approach is to use a combination of timely manual and chemical control methods, thereby reducing the overall quantity of chemical entering the environment.

Our team have diverse roles within our organisation including native plant propagation and seed collection. Our staff can identify many local species including native grasses, down to juvenile growth stages, reducing the risk of off-target damage to your project.

In recent times we have specialised in weed control in difficult to reach areas such as rehabilitated quarry benches or ephemeral creeks in steep, rocky country. We are prepared to access on foot places where vehicles cannot enter and target the weed species with diligence and attention to detail. We can provide monitoring and reporting to keep you updated with the works we carry out.

Please contact us to discuss your weed problem and let us plan and implement works to help eradicate your pest plants. We provide competitive pricing and friendly service.

To discuss any component of your project please contact us. We can offer advice and seek solutions to your needs.