Join Apace Apace WA - Revegetation Nursery

Apace is a self funded organisation that relies on its enterprises, memberships and donations to carry out its work. We welcome your contributions to the organisation.

You can support Apace in several ways.

  1. First by becoming a member you help us to spread the word about our activities. We are always happy to look at reciprocal memberships with other organisations. We will keep you informed with our quarterly newsletter
  2. You are also welcome to make tax deductible donations to the organisation. This financial support is always welcome. We will mail you your receipt upon receiving your donation.
  3. By joining the committee or volunteering your time to the organisation.
  4. By visiting the nursery and introducing your family and friends to locally grown plants.
  5. By providing a link to our website from a like minded group helps direct more traffic “both ways”. Please contact admin first to discuss how this process can proceed.